Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Real's Fried Catfish

    Cayenne up some flour as hot as you can stand/like it.
     Double coat the catfish in the flourmix
     (flour -> egg wash -> flour) and deepfry (best)
     or panfry (careful to not tear/rip the coating off;
     may have to brown and finish in oven).
     Heat a saute pan, toss in some (1/2 oz-ish)
     ghee or straight butter and heat.
     Throw some julienned/chopped ham (cooked..
    say 2 oz.) into the saute pan, render for a few seconds,
     and toss in a few each of julienned red and
     green bell peppers
     (or your favorite chile...although I've never tried that..),
     and onion. Saute briefly, add cream (2-4 oz.), reduce,
     adding a pinch of salt/white pepper,
     large pinch of cayenne (could add other chile(s),
     but you want the chile finely ground so the cream
     will take on the color...or maybe you don't ), and
     when nice and "saucey", pour it over the kittyfish
     and eat. Can also toss in a few shrimp in the
     beginning of making the sauce (before the
     veggies since they'll cook in seconds) and
     include them in the sauce/dish.

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